Super Classes

The table below lists MeSH RDF super classes and their subclasses according to the MeSH RDF schema. Use inference when querying these super classes.

Child Class Predicate Super Class
meshv:AllowedDescriptorQualifierPair rdfs:subClassOf meshv:DescriptorQualifierPair
meshv:DisallowedDescriptorQualifierPair rdfs:subClassOf meshv:DescriptorQualifierPair
meshv:GeographicalDescriptor rdfs:subClassOf meshv:Descriptor
meshv:TopicalDescriptor rdfs:subClassOf meshv:Descriptor
meshv:PublicationType rdfs:subClassOf meshv:Descriptor
meshv:CheckTag rdfs:subClassOf meshv:Descriptor
meshv:SCR_Chemical rdfs:subClassOf meshv:SupplementaryConceptRecord
meshv:SCR_Disease rdfs:subClassOf meshv:SupplementaryConceptRecord
meshv:SCR_Protocol rdfs:subClassOf meshv:SupplementaryConceptRecord

An example where inference is required would be to query all instances of subclasses of meshv:Descriptor (meshv:TopicalDescriptor, meshv:GeographicDescriptor, etc).

PREFIX mesh: <>
PREFIX meshv: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>


?d a meshv:Descriptor .
?d rdfs:label ?label .

ORDER BY ?label