A concept is a class in MeSH RDF with the name meshv:Concept. MeSH Concepts are all assigned ‘M’ identifiers. A MeSH Concept represents a unit of meaning. Each MeSH record consists of one or more Concepts, and each Concept consists in one or more synonymous terms. Collections of concepts that may be useful for search and retrieval on a given topic are placed into the same MeSH Descriptor. A concept is considered ‘preferred’ if its name is used by the descriptor to which it belongs. For more information about Concepts, visit the NLM MeSH Concept Structure page. The diagram below illustrates the relations and properties of meshv:Concept classes.

RDF Graph Diagram

Concept RDF Graph Diagram

meshv:Concept - Relations and Properties

Subject Predicate Object
meshv:Concept meshv:broaderConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Concept meshv:narrowerConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Concept meshv:preferredTerm meshv:Term
meshv:Concept meshv:term meshv:Term
meshv:Concept meshv:relatedConcept meshv:Concept
Subject Predicate Object
meshv:CheckTag meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Concept meshv:broaderConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Concept meshv:narrowerConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Concept meshv:relatedConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Descriptor meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:Descriptor meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:GeographicalDescriptor meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:GeographicalDescriptor meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:PublicationType meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:PublicationType meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:Qualifier meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:Qualifier meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:SCR_Chemical meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:SCR_Chemical meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:SCR_Disease meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:SCR_Disease meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:SCR_Protocol meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:SCR_Protocol meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:SupplementaryConceptRecord meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:SupplementaryConceptRecord meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
meshv:TopicalDescriptor meshv:concept meshv:Concept
meshv:TopicalDescriptor meshv:preferredConcept meshv:Concept
Subject Predicate
meshv:Concept meshv:active
meshv:Concept meshv:identifier
meshv:Concept meshv:lastActiveYear
meshv:Concept meshv:casn1_label
meshv:Concept meshv:registryNumber
meshv:Concept meshv:relatedRegistryNumber
meshv:Concept meshv:scopeNote
meshv:Concept rdfs:label


The RDF output shown in the diagram above can be generated with the following SPARQL query:

prefix mesh: <>
prefix meshv: <>

construct {
    mesh:D000001 meshv:preferredConcept ?prefcon .
    ?prefcon ?p ?o .
from <>
where {
    mesh:D000001 meshv:preferredConcept ?prefcon .
    ?prefcon ?p ?o .