Welcome to MeSH RDF Technical Documentation. MeSH RDF is a linked data representation of Medical Subject Headings, a biomedical vocabulary produced by the National Library of Medicine. MeSH RDF includes a downloadable file in N-Triples format, a SPARQL query interface, a SPARQL API, and a RESTful interface for retrieving MeSH data.

Mesh RDF Resources

Download: Download MeSH in N-Triples format (mesh.nt.gz).

Query: Use the SPARQL editor to query MeSH. For help, see our list of sample queries.

API: Request data for a specific MeSH identifier or via SPARQL query.

MeSH RDF Documentation

Data Model

Cheat Sheets


MeSH RDF is updated nightly. Visit the MeSH homepage for more information about MeSH.

To provide feedback, please submit an issue on GitHub.