MeSH RDF Linked Data (beta) Technical Documentation

Welcome to the MeSH RDF Linked Data Technical Documentation. We have organized this technical documentation around MeSH classes. You can explore the classes using the Data Model links in the top navigation menu. Each page provides RDF diagrams, a list of relationships, sample queries and sample data that illustrate the MeSH RDF data model. We have also provided various cheat sheets: a list of MeSH RDF classes, a list of MeSH RDF predicates, URL patterns for our REST interface, and a list of sample queries to get you started using our SPARQL query editor. Our goal is to provide users with the best possible understanding of MeSH RDF data. If there is something you would like to do with MeSH RDF data, but you do not have enough information to do it, please let us know by creating an issue on our GitHub page. If you find problems with the documentation or the data model, we encourage you to report those as well. Note that MeSH RDF is in beta.

MeSH RDF is updated nightly. In producing MeSH RDF, we have attempted to remain faithful to the MeSH XML data model that NLM has produced for a number of years, though we have made some changes for RDF. The predicates page goes into more detail about each property in MeSH RDF and its equivalent XML data element. Visit the MeSH homepage for more information about MeSH.

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